Core Channels

  • B2C Ecommerce

    Taipu offers outsourcing services for partners to open flagship and specialty stores on the 3rd party ecommerce platform like Tmall and JD, and has established strong relationship with platforms. Thanks to the expertise in product management, promotion plan, visual design, customer service, data analysis, etc., Taipu offers highly efficient store operation services, as well as increases the turnover, market share and brand reputation to partners.
  • B2B Distribution

    To effectively complement current B2C business, Taipu is establishing an efficient B2B distribution platform. With strong and stable capital reserves as well as supply chain integration capabilities, this B2B distribution channel can provide effective and robust supply chain services to nationwide distributors, including centralized supply chain, market analysis, warehouse and logistic service, sales training, after sale service, etc.
  • Social Commerce

    It’s an in-house and innovative ecommerce platform trough user sharing. With word of mouth spread among members, Taipu can increase consumers’ awareness on brands and offer globally sourced premium products to members and consumers.
  • Key Account

    Taipu has established good relationship with giant corporations like banks, insurance companies, aviation companies, etc. Taipu offers customized product set and one-stop service to these key accounts after fully understanding their demands, sells products on their platforms and interacts with consumers through KA’s O2O activities, so as to increase the media exposure and boost sales.
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